Backside works."サブカルちゃん" Entry Form (8/2-8/6)

上海にあるPowerlong Museum (宝龍美術館)にて、Backside works.の個展「 你好 」の展示が無事に終了いたしました。

Backside works. solo exhibition “你好” at Powerlong Museum in Shanghai has ended with great success.
We would like to thank all the people who visited the exhibition.

この度は会場にて展示しておりました、Backside works.の彫刻作品”サブカルちゃん” (ed.10)を抽選で販売いたします。是非、ご参加くださいませ。

We will be raffling off the sculpture “Subculture-chan”  (ed.10)  by Backside works.,which was exhibited at the exhibition. Please apply for the lottery.


8/02(Wed.) 8:00pm – 8/06(Sun.) 8:00pm (JST)

Backside works.

福岡を拠点に活動する Backside works.は、1980・90 年代のアニメやマンガといったサブカルチャーの影響を受けたという。

そしてまた、サブカルチャーの中でも日本のオタク文化やストリートカルチャーを敬愛し、作品もそれらと親和性が高くジャパニーズアニメーションや漫画、グラフィティアー トなどの手法を好みペン画やスプレーぺイントを得意とする。




Backside works.は言う


Backside works. CV

【She may not exist, but she certainly is a heroine】

Contemporary artist with mixed subculture art.
The artist, who is based in Fukuoka, was influenced by subcultures such as anime and manga in the 1980s and 1990s.
Using everything from canvas painting, silkscreen, giclee, and stickers, Backside works. creates mixed-media contemporary art and draws heroines in the imagination on canvas.

Backside works. is also an admirer of Japanese otaku culture and street culture among other subcultures, and has a strong affinity with them, preferring techniques such as Japanese animation, manga, and graffiti art, and excels at pen and spray painting.

The concept is “Heroine”.

The heroines in the works have a story to tell. To make them exist, the story has to be created in detail.
I don’t want to just draw cute, fashionable girls. I want to portray heroines who construct a story together with the protagonist, considering the viewer as the “protagonist.
I draw with this conviction.
The art world is built on a magical logic of market movements, artists’ and artworks’ value standards, and critics’ opinions.

Backside works. says

“All I have to do is one thing. Bring the “Heroine” to you.”

Backside works. CV

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