Backside works. 「 週刊少年」

Backside works.
「 週刊少年」

11.11 (Fri.) – 11.20 (Sun.)  2022
12:00 – 19:00  Closed on 11.16 (Wed.)

この度、SH GALLERYでは Backside works. の個展 「週刊少年」 を開催致します。

今回の展示「週刊少年」は、Backside works.の「ヒロイン」をモチーフにした現代アート作品と週刊少年ジャンプ(集英社刊)とのコラボレーション展示となります。

80~90年代の漫画・サブカルチャーをバックボーンに「ヒロイン」を現代アートに落とし込むBackside works。

➀KIAF ART FAIR(2022年9月2日~6日)
➁TAIPEI ART FAIR(2022年10月21日~10月24日)
➂ Backside works. 個展 「週刊少年」(2022年11月11日~11月20日)


– Backside works. –

(詳しい詳細はSH GALLERYのInstagramにてお知らせいたします。)

Backside works.プロフィールはこちら

Backside works. シルクスクリーン販売について (Notice of silkscreen sales)

「週刊少年ジャンプ」(集英社刊)とのコラボ第一弾の版画である”No.13 edition”(50枚)、第ニ弾の版画である”No.24 edition”(50枚)、第三弾の版画である”No.36 edition”(50枚)を、Backside works.“週刊少年”展の期間中に(11/11(Fri.) – 11/20(Sun.) 2022) 国内抽選販売を行う予定です。
販売方法等の詳細は、今後Instagramからお知らせを致します。版画はSH GALLERYにてご覧いただけます。

また、”No.36 edition”に関しては、edition100枚の内50枚を海外在住の方対象に、SH GALLERYホームページにて抽選応募フォームを設けます。
海外在住のご購入希望者はSH GALLERY ホームページにて、ご応募お願い致します。
(応募期間: 11/11 12:00 – 11/20 19:00)


The first edition of “No.13 edition” (50 prints), the second edition “No.24 edition” (50 prints), and the third edition “No.36 edition” (50 prints) in collaboration with “Weekly Shonen Jump” (SHUEISHA INC.) will be sold by lottery in Japan during the  “Weekly Shonen” exhibition at Backside works. (11/11(Fri.)-11/20(Sun.) 2022) Closed on 11.16 (Wed.)
More information on sales and other details will be announced on Instagram in the near future. Prints will be displayed at SH GALLERY.

For the “No.36 edition”, 50 out of 100 editions will be offered to overseas customers through a lottery application form on the SH GALLERY website.
If you are interested in purchasing the “No.36 edition”, please visit the SH GALLERY homepage to apply.
(Application period: 11/11 12:00 – 11/20 19:00)

Backside works.
「No.13 edition」「No.24 edition」「 No.36 edition」
Neo silkscreen, lamé on paper
image size: 68 x 57 cm (sheet size: 80 x 67 cm)

SH GALLERY will present “Weekly Shonen” a solo exhibition by Backside works.
The title of this exhibition, “Weekly Shonen” is a collaboration between Backside works.’s contemporary artwork with a “heroine” motif and Weekly Shonen Jump (SHUEISHA INC.).
This is the first time Weekly Shonen Jump has collaborated with a contemporary artist.

【Collaboration Background】

“Weekly Shonen Jump” has created many ” heroes” and continues to lead the Japanese subculture.
Backside works. incorporates “heroines” into contemporary art based on the backbone of manga and subcultures of the 80s and 90s.
This collaboration is based on the theme of “Hero” x “Heroine” and will be presented as a work of art.
To see the world that is Japanese subculture art.
To attract Japanese subculture art to the world.

➀KIAF ART FAIR(2022/9/2~6)
➁TAIPEI ART FAIR(2022/10/21~24)
➂ Backside works. solo exhibition 「Weekly Shonen」(2022/11/11~11/20)

The main character in the “Hero” x “Heroine” story.
When this collaboration was decided I was most worried about the existence of the “hero”.
In the history of Weekly Shonen Jump (SHUEISHA INC.) the best heroes that have always existed.

How to draw such an overwhelming presence…. I spent a lot of time worrying about it.
After much worrying, finally I found the answer.

That there was already a “hero.”
Yeah. That’s you looking over the story.
I didn’t have to draw it.
Because you are right in front of the heroine. I always wanted to put the presence of the hero in front of the heroine in my artworks.
And its presence is determined by the “Weekly Shonen Jump” logo.
that you are a “hero”.

– Backside works –

We will have many events during the exhibition, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the gallery.
(More details will be announced on SH GALLERY’s Instagram.)

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