“Not Found” 仲 衿香

Not Found
9.3 (Fri.) – 9.18 (Sat.) 2021
12:00 – 19:00 Closed on Monday

この度、SH GALLERYでは2年ぶりに仲衿香の個展 「Not Found」 を開催致します。

“ 今、目の前にある記号を日記のように切り取り、絵画に落とし込んでいます。
– 仲 衿香 –

絵具を支持体に厚塗りにのせて描くと、絵具が自分の予想を超えた動きをする瞬間があり、 自分と支持体の間に“ズレ”が生まれ、思い通りにならないそのズレにこそ、 魅力を感じています。
若手アーティストとして、絵画の可能性を探求し続け、伝統的な絵画形式 を打ち破り、「瞬間性」と「偶然性」を直接的に表現し、主体性を排した画面の絵具の厚さや積み重ねられたグラデーション、柔らかくクリーミーな 質感は強い視覚的なインパクトを与えるだけでなく、無限なる好奇心と想像を掻き立てています。


SH GALLERY will hold “Not Found”, the first solo exhibition of Erika Naka in two years.

“I cut out the rogos that are in my eyes right now like a diary and put them into my paintings.
New fashions, buildings, technologies, and methods of expression are born every day at a dizzying pace, but on the other side, there are things that are declining and things that are disappearing.
On the other side, there are things that are declining or disappearing.In some cases, you may notice the value of the thing after it is lost, or it may be completely forgotten.
I wonder how my works will look and change in a few decades or a few hundred years from now. “
– Erika Naka –

Naka takes fragmented logos, natural landscapes, and familiar things of daily life and puts them into her painting space as visual elements, reconstructing shapes that make abstract meanings visible.
When I paint with a thick layer of paint on the support, there is a moment when the paint moves beyond my expectations, creating a “gap” between myself and the support, and I feel that this gap, which is not always what I want, is what fascinates me.
The thickness of the paint, the gradation of the layers, and the soft, creamy texture of the paintings not only have a strong impact on the viewer, but also arouse infinite curiosity and imagination.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

仲 衿香 Erika Naka

1994 長野県小諸市生まれ
2019 東京造形大学 卒業

2017 年 ワンダーシード入選
2018 年 CAF 白石正美賞

2021 年
「Not Found」 個展 SH GALLERY
「3人10」 シンワアートミュージアム
「Group Exhibition」 グループ展 SH GALLERY
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2020 年
「artTNZ アートフェア」 SH GALLERY
「Backside Works. & 仲 衿香」 SH GALLERY
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「シブヤスタイル Vol.14」西武百貨店 渋谷店
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2019 年
「現在地」 個展 SH GALLERY
「東京アートフェア 2019」 SH GALLERY
「Nothing seek, nothing find」 グループ展 ARTDYNE

1994 Nagano, Japan
2019 from Tokyo Zokei University

2017 Wonder Seed Honorable Mention
2018 CAF Masami Shiraishi Prize

“Not Found” solo exhibition at SH GALLERY
“3 people 10” at Shinwa Art Museum
“Group Exhibition” group exhibition at SH GALLERY
“Tokyo Art Fair 2021” at SH GALLERY
“Nine Colors XV” at Seibu Department Store, Shibuya
“artTNZ Art Fair” at SH GALLERY
“100 people 10” at Logs Building
“SHIBUYA STYLE Vol.14” at Shibuya, Seibu Department Store
“AFT Art Hunting” at SH GALLERY
“Present Place” solo exhibition at SH GALLERY
“Tokyo Art Fair 2019” at SH GALLERY
“Nothing seek, nothing find” Group Exhibition at ARTDYNE, Tokyo

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