【Upcoming Exhibition】"LUMINOUS" 小泉 遼

Ryo Koizumi Solo Exhibition
10.15 (Fri.) – 10.30 (Sat.) 2021
12:00 – 19:00 Closed on Monday

SH GALLERYは小泉遼の個展 “LUMINOUS” を開催いたします。
“LUMINOUS” 展では小泉遼が光を象徴する絵画として制作した “Halo” シリーズの新作のペインティングやドローイングを発表いたします。⁡

小泉は2016年よりカリグラファーとして活動し、2019年にカリグラフィーの基本線を円状に連続的に描く “enso” シリーズを絵画として発展させました。
小泉は2021年より “Halo”(後光,光輪)シリーズの制作をはじめました。”Halo” シリーズでは色彩の偶発性を取り入れ、空中に見える光の純粋な視覚イメージを抽象画としてキャンバスに存在させました。”Halo” シリーズは “enso” シリーズから継承される東洋的な神秘性を秘めながら、光の力に溢れた小泉の新たなレベルを表現した作品です。

(小泉遼 “LUMINOUS” 展コメントより)⁡

小泉 遼 Ryo Koizumi

本展”LUMINOUS”は小泉のSH GALLERYでの初の個展となります。



October 15 (Fri) – October 30 (Sat), 2021
12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

SH GALLERY is going to present Ryo Koizumi’s solo exhibition “LUMINOUS”.
In the “LUMINOUS” exhibition, Ryo Koizumi will present new paintings and drawings from his “Halo” series, which he created as paintings that symbolize light.

Koizumi has been working as a calligrapher since 2016, and in 2019 he developed his “enso” series of paintings, in which the basic lines of calligraphy are drawn continuously in a circular pattern.
By repeating a primitive symbol over and over again, Koizumi seems to show our sense of the world in which abstraction and concrete become unclear.

Koizumi began working on the “Halo” series in 2021.
“Halo” series embraced the contingency of color, making the pure visual image of light seen in the aerial exist on the canvas as an abstract painting.
The “Halo” series expresses a new level of Koizumi’s work that is full of the power of light, while hiding the oriental mystique inherited from the “enso” series.

“I interact with my work, building up the paint over and over again.
Then I express light through painting, through the elements of regularity, contingency, and color.
I hope that by coming face to face with my work, you will be able to feel its power to work on your emotions.”
( Comments from Ryo Koizumi’s “LUMINOUS” exhibition )

Koizumi seems to be trying to convey power and warmth to people by trapping light in his paintings. As a former gardener, Koizumi’s works have a unique oriental character with a strong abstract expression.
He is also active as a calligrapher, working on the title of the 2018 NHK Taiga Drama “Segodon”.

This exhibition “LUMINOUS” is Koizumi’s first solo show at SH GALLERY.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


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