Yuuki Nitta / 新田 裕貴


Yuuki Nitta explores ” Fresh Views” by comparing styles that were popular around 2000, such as Shibuya-kei and Y2K, with the sensibilities of today’s digital society.He mainly uses young people, self-portraits, and images from the Internet as motifs, and reconstructs them in a self-deprecating, pop-like way.By drawing everything from meaningless objects to those containing social issues as if they were advertisements, he views his work as a record of the present day, and continues to work toward a vacuum of meaning in which concepts and positions neither “exist” or “do not “exist”.
In addition to his activities as an artist, he is also active as a member of the music band “kyamie”. He is active in many fields, making use of his talents.


Graduated from Nihon University, College of Art, Department of Fine Arts.
“Art Olympia”
Exhibition of Selected Graduates of Painting, Nihon University College of Art, Tokyo, Japan.

[Selected Exhibitions]
「EXHIBITION “Z”」Group Exhibition Cocoro Nakaura, Machi Sugita & Yuuki Nitta (SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan)
「Tokyo Egoism」( Kumagai Moriichi Museum of Art/ Toshima, Tokyo, Japan)