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“Stay Pixelated” というメッセージを掲げ、人物、風景、大気の流れ、そして人々の意思や感情といった、この世界のあらゆる情報を「ピクセル」に変換し、新たな世界を再構築するアーティストである。
ピクセル化された世界では、すべての情報が曖昧な存在となる。それは特定の人物や情景であるかもしれないし、何者でもないかもしれない。まるで幼少期のぼんやりとした記憶のようであり、ありふれた感情のように見えるかもしれない。 具象的な存在の本質と、意思という概念を表現しているかのように。
(USQKE on makers space Collaborations)

makers space のアートスタイルは多様な表現を許容する柔軟性を備えている。 象徴的な要素やテーマが異なる作品であっても、それぞれの世界観を維持したまま新たな作品が創造される。これまでの数多くのアーティストとのコラボレーションを実現し、そのすべてが高い評価を受けている。このアートスタイルの万能性を示す明確な証拠と言えるだろう。

A Japan-based artist whose gender, age, and nationality are unknown. After a self-taught search for an own style,the artist established his current pixel style.
“Stay Pixelated” is the message of this artist, who reconstructs new worlds by transforming all the information in this world – people, landscapes, atmospheric flows, and people’s intentions and emotions – into “pixels. With a sophisticated sense of color, he builds up each pixel and constructs his world view on canvas and sculpture.
In a pixelated world, all information becomes ambiguous. It may be a particular person or scene, or it may be no one. It may seem as if it were a hazy memory from childhood, a commonplace emotion. As if expressing the essence of concrete existence and the concept of will.
When we face the work, we will imagine the diverse possibilities that lie beyond the pixels.
(USQKE on makers space Collaborations)

The art style of makerspace is flexible enough to allow for a variety of expression. Even if the works have different symbolic elements and themes, new works are created while maintaining their respective worldviews. He has collaborated with numerous artists, all of which have been highly acclaimed. This is clear evidence of the versatility of this art style.


[Selected Exhibitions]
「Study:Osaka Kansai International Art Festival Vol.3」(SH GALLERY/Osaka, Japan)
「Group Exhibition “ART FEAR TOKYO 恐怖とポップの迷宮組曲”」(SH GALLERY TOKYO/Tokyo, Japan)
「Group Exhibition “ART FEAR SEOUL」(SH GALLERY SEOUL/Seoul, Korea)
「sky pixelated : Solo Exhibition」(CONTRAST/Tokyo, Japan)
「Slap ‘n Run」makers space, FUKI COMMITTEE, & VLOT(America Bashi Gallery/Tokyo, Japan)

「stay pixelated」Masato Yamaguchi × Makers Space (SH GALLERY/Tokyo, Japan)
「Coast- Stupidkrap」(Space gallery/Denmark)
「Pixelated People」makers space feat Kei Bito(Ginza TSUTAYA, Tokyo, Japan)
「NO ART NO COFFEE × makers space」(Fukuoka, Japan)

「stay pixelated : Solo Exhibition 」(Paris, France)
「TOKYO NIGHTS」(Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan)

Between The Arts (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)
Gallery Joyana (Marseille)