Dohee Kim / キム・ドヒ

キム・ドヒは時間に応じて変化する物質と身体、または視覚以外の感覚を増幅させる方式を主に使用して、人間が生きている状態がどのように感知されるかを探求している。 2017年に始まったキム・ドヒの「The Beach under the Skin」シリーズは、作家の感情的な原型が形成された故郷、韓国初の近代的造船所の密集地である釜山・影島のカンカンイ村でモチーフを得た作品である。

Based in South Korea.
Kim Dohee explores how the human condition of life is perceived, primarily using methods that amplify time-based material and the body, or senses other than sight.
Kim Dohee’s ‘The Beach under the Skin’ series, which began in 2017, takes its motif from her hometown, where the artist’s emotional archetype was formed, the village of Gangkangyi on Busan’s Yeongdo-gu, the site of Korea’s first modern shipbuilding cluster.
Kim spent a long time grinding the walls of galleries and museums using the same tool used to peel rust off old ships. Over the years, the white walls of the galleries and museums with multiple coats of paint became tactile works of art, delicate and quiet, but with a strong core. The wall dust created as a result of the enormous amount of dust and vibrating action was then collected under it like a beach, creating a huge installation work. The work has been acclaimed as a bold work that draws on the artist’s body of experience and imagery in a tangible and sensual way.


MA and BA in Fine Arts from Hongik University.

[Selected Solo Exhibition]
「Vanishing Point of the Body」(Chungjeongno Gong-won/Seoul, Korea)
「Signs of Extinction」 (CR Collective/Seoul, Korea)

「Rhythm under the Skin」(SH GALLERY/Tokyo, Japan)

「Root of the Tongue」 (Jean Art Gallery/Seoul, Korea)

「Moon Illusion」 (Alternative Space Place MAK/ Seoul, Korea)

「Strange Reversible Reaction」(Gallery IS/Seoul, Korea)
「Korea Watering the Dead Tree」 (Insa Art Space/ Seoul, Korea)

「Crazy Tree (1st solo exhibition)」(Kim Jin Hye Gallery/Seoul, Korea​)