Backside works.

Backside works. は顔だけでなく本名も性別も年齢も明らかにしていない作家だ。 ただし、作品の中の様々なヒントを通じて日本の福岡出身ということは分かる。
当然のように子供の時から日本のオタク文化とストリート文化に憧れ影響を受け、技法面でも日本アニメやマンガ、グラフィティアートなどの要素でペインティング、シルクスクリーン、ペン画やスプレーなど様々な材料 を使用する。
また、Backside works.は、リーバイス、コンバース、週刊少年ジャンプなど、多数のブランドとのコラボレーションをしている。

Backside works. is an artist who has not revealed the name, gender, age, as well as face. However, through various hints in the works, we learn that the artist hails from Fukuoka, Japan.Why do artists hide who you are? In an interview with the writer, the writer replied, in a mixed joking response, that it is because I am not confident about my looks, about the fact that I do not appear in front of the public.

The artist should think of the audience who sees the work as the protagonist, and draw a pretty girl named Heroine (the female protagonist in a novel or movie) who will create a story together with this audience, and imagine your own story together with Heroine.
It is with this in mind that the artist creates the art.
Naturally, the artist has been fascinated and influenced by Japanese Otaku culture and Street culture since childhood, and uses a variety of materials such as painting, silkscreen, pen drawings, and spray painting with elements of Japanese anime, manga, and graffiti art.
Backside works. has also collaborated with Levis, Converse, Weekly Shonen Jump, and many other brands.

Backside works.

Based in Fukuoka, Japan.


“Backside works. × SANRIO CHARACTERS 「 50 five-o 」 ,SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
“Tokyo Art Fair 2024”, SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

“你好” Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, China
“VALIANT GALLERY.Bar” Fukuoka, Japan
“。、展” Komyo-in Templeyo, Tokyo, Kyoto

“週刊少年” SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
“ART TAIPEI 2022” SH GALLERY, Taipei,Taiwan
“KIAF SEOUL 2022” SH GALLERY, Seoul, Korea
“ボンジュール福岡” Valiant gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
“ヒロイン中毒” SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
“へ、じゃなくてヒロイン!” SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
Pop-up “plant chain” VELVET,Osaka,Japan

“URBAN BREAK 2021 Art Fair”, Seoul, Korea
“Group Exhibition” SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
“Tokyo Art Fair 2021”, SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
“CONVERSE TOKYO × Backside works. Collab, Tokyo, Japan
“Skateboard of Backside works. commemorative exhibition” Monster, Tokyo, Japan
“Adopted as a character for Tokyo Shoseki English Textbook for High School Students 2022

“BLACK MARKET 2020” Backside works.×BOTANIZE, Tokyo, Japan
artTNZ Art Fair SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
Art Hunting SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
Backside works. & Erika Naka SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
Solo exhibition “CHAPTER #GINZA” SH GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
Pop-up “CHAPTER #SAGA” RoughCafe Saga, Japan
Illustration for cover of textbook “Junior High School Health and Physical Education 2021” by Gakken
Appointed as a character for FOSSILE “BIG TIC
Adopted as a character for Kawaijuku 2020

Pop-up store “DECADE FUKUOKA” Fukuoka, Japan