Hana Kwon (クォン・ハナ)

「 TEMPTATION 」Solo Exhibition

06.08(Sat.) – 06.22(Sat.) 2024
12:00 – 19:00 (Close on Mon.)

この度、Hana Kwon (クォン・ハナ) の個展を開催いたします。

SH GALLERYでは、4月〜6月で、韓国の注目すべきアーティストの個展を開催しております。

6月、最終月を飾るのは Hana Kwon「TEMPTATION」。
会期は6月8日(土) – 6月22日(土)まで行います。

お気軽に SH GALLERYのメール info@shartproject.com にご連絡下さいませ。

We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Hana Kwon.
SH GALLERY is presenting solo exhibitions of notable Korean artists from April to June.

Hana Kwon “TEMPTATION” decorates the last month of June.
The exhibition will be open from June 8 (Sat) to June 22 (Sat).

We sincerely look forward to your visit.

If you have any questions about the artwork,
Please contact SH GALLERY by e-mail at info@shartproject.com


ー ある日、ひとりぼっちの私は寒くて暗い道を歩いていた。ふと、どこからか漂ってくる焼きたてのパンの匂いに心を奪われた。



最大の喜びであり、最も自分らしいことなのだ。 ー Hana Kwon

ー One day, feeling like a loner, I was walking down a cold and dark street alone. Suddenly, I was captivated by the smell of freshly baked bread coming from somewhere.

Following the savory aroma, I found happiness in a small bakery. The bread, providing warm comfort to my tired and lonely self, captivated me instantly. Since that day, whenever I catch the scent of baking bread, I am drawn to follow it, recalling the nostalgic memories of that day.

Life is a series of small and large turmoils, but within them, there is undeniable joy. Mistakes and setbacks are merely experiences. Through these experiences, we learn to manage our emotions, and in managing our emotions, our inner selves grow stronger.

As I go through life, many temptations will undoubtedly come my way. Yet, this is simply part of the process of becoming someone who can make the right decisions. I overcome these challenges by enjoying the time in my own unique way. Every temptation that comes my way strongly stimulates my imagination. Just as I am tempted by the alluring smell of bread and choose one to eat, I assess the various emotions that tempt me. Expressing them in my own way is the greatest joy and the most authentic thing I can do. ー Hana Kwon

Hana Kwon | クォン・ハナ
b.1990 Born in Korean

真心を込めた作品が、慰めと共感を必要とする多くの人々を癒し、夢を持つすべての人々と共に素晴らしい世界を作っていくことを願う。ー Hana Kwon

I paint to cherish moments I wish to remember and the emotions they bring about.
I find peace by actualizing the thoughts and emotions that are difficult to explain through my artwork.
I am constantly learning about many sides of me through “Nana” who appears frequently in my drawings, my alter ego.
I am on a journey to find peace and order, and this journey will continue as long as I am alive, to paint.
I hope my works can be a relief and a therapy for many, and a safe community for all. ー Hana Kwon

Hana Kwon CV

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