にいみひろき Solo Exhibition 「JUNK!」

にいみひろき Solo Exhibition

7.02 (Sun.) – 7.16 (Sun.) 2023
12:00 – 19:00 (closed on Mon.)

この度、SH GALLERYでは にいみひろきの個展 「JUNK!」 を開催致します。




Niimiii’s work focuses on creative consumption that is being discarded on a daily basis. By “discarded creativity” we mean manga, advertisements, and past works on the web that are no longer in the light of day. He samples and collages manga and photographs that have been used and consumed in the fast-paced PDCA cycle of today, and creates new, remaining objects. In this solo exhibition, he has sampled each of the junked parts and incorporated the new heroes into two-dimensional works. In his sampling and production of advertising and cartoon subjects since 2020, he has taken the definition of consumed creativity to a higher range and developed it.

Please come and visit the exhibition at SH Gallery.

にいみひろき Niimiii Hiroki


アートディレクターとして広告や、音楽、ファッションのアートディレクションをやりつつ作家活動を開始。 にいみは今日の大量消費社会、とりわけ、そこにおけるクリエイティビティの消費をテーマにした平面作品を制作しています。大量に生産され、供給され、そして時には廃棄される衣服や食品たちがある一方、現代はユーザーに消費を促すためにクリエイティブをも 大量に生み出し、そして使い捨てています。シュヴィッタースのメルツ絵画などの先行例を参照しながら、そこに現代の産業と広告の関係性を持ち込み、消費されるクリエイティブたちを擁護するために描かれています。 社会から捨て去られた、あるいは時代によって使い古されたロゴやキャラクターを引用し、そして消費を象徴する最も 現代的なアイコンとしてバーコードをフロントに登場させ、終わることのないクリエイティブの消費への アイロニーとして描き出すことがにいみの作品のミッションであり、同時にこの時代に対するステートメントでもあります。

にいみひろき CV

『Creating works that will not be consumed by society, but will remain.』

He started his career as an artist while working as an art director for advertising, music, and fashion.
Niimiii’s planar works focus on the theme of today’s mass consumption society, especially the consumption of creativity in it.

While clothing and food are mass-produced, supplied, and sometimes discarded, today we also mass-produce and dispose of creativity to promote user consumption.

While referencing precedents such as Kurt Schwitters’ “MERZ” paintings, the relationship between contemporary industry and advertising is brought into it to defend the creatives who are being consumed.

The mission of Niimiii’s work is to take a logo or character that has been discarded by society, or has become obsolete over time, and to depict the barcode as the most contemporary icon of consumption, as an irony to the never-ending consumption of creativity, and at the same time, a statement about our times. At the same time, it is a statement about our times.

Niimiii Hiroki CV

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