Hyeong-Tae Moon solo exhibition

ムン・ヒョンテ ( Hyeong-Tae Moon)
Solo Exhibition
4.15 (Sat.) – 4.29 (Sat.)  2023
12:00 – 19:00  (closed on Mon.)

SH GALLERYでは韓国で最も注目されている若手作家の一人である、ムン・ヒョンテ (문형태) の個展を開催致します。

ムン·ヒョンテは自画像や家族、あるいは恋人との日常を描いた画面を通じて人生の悩みや楽しみを語る作家であります。 彼は歪んだ人物描写や誇張された色彩を使用し、多様な要素を一つの画面に圧縮、構成する表現方法で、人間の内面や喜怒哀楽が共存する人生を絵に表現しています。



SH GALLERY will present a solo exhibition of a popular young artist from Korea, Moon Hyung-tae (문형태) .
Moon Hyung-tae is an artist who expresses the troubles and joys of life through his paintings of self-portraits and daily life with his family and lovers. He uses distorted portrayals of people and exaggerated colors to compress and compose diverse elements into a single painting.

He continues to dye the canvas with water mixed with soil before painting. All of the soil used in this process comes from places where the artist has lived or stayed, and through this act, the traces of his life are incorporated into his works.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Hyeong-Tae Moon  





Moon Hyeongtae (b.1976-) represents daily objects on his dreamy canvas with wit and wrest. He was interested in the works by CoBrA, an avant-garde group known for exploiting the style of expressionism and surrealism, and Jean Dubuffet, a French artist breaking out of the typicality of oil painting with his rough and primitive lines. Their work highly affects the formation of Moon’s style, leading to outstanding multicolor, expression of the face revealing his inner sentiment, and matière appearing a deep sense of touch. His paintings, moreover, are surrounded by ambient ochre color, exposing the warm mood, since he applies his unique way achieved by a mixture of the soil and water, repeatedly covering and skimming it. A relationship between people is the main subiect underlies much of his work, which is a signal of relationship code numbers that indicate the artist’s message.

The number 1 means himself, 2 does relationship, 3 is a family, 4 implies the society, and 5 connects to solitude. The artist puts the numbers on his original character and makes a stor with his imaginative narrative. In his recent work, rougher lines and deep and dark colors coexist comparing to the past works, and Moon shows his mature artwork by stressing the texture of the picture.


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