YISLOW Solo Exhibition
11.26 (Fri.) – 12.11 (Sat.) 2021
12:00 – 19:00 Closed on Monday

韓国の若者に熱狂的な支持を受けているYISLOWは、日本での初個展「Run Run!」を11月26日から12月11日までSH GALLERYで開催いたします。 今回、展示する作品は作家が手の流れに沿い、流れ続ける時間の中から自身が過ごした大切な一瞬を表現しています。

YISLOW は韓国にある有名ドーナツデザートカフェ「Cafe Knotted」のメインキャラクターである「シュガーベア」を誕生させたとして高い人気を得ています。
また、ファッションブランド「SLOWCOASTER」や人気K-POPガールズグループ「OH MY GIRL」 のミニアルバム「Dun Dun Dance」のアートビジュアルを担当し、多くの注目を浴びている作家です。

「そうですね。そこに何かあるのかな…」 – YISLOWとの対話

YISLOWの作品に登場するキャラクター(友達)である「フレンズ・フレンズ(Friends Friends)」の視線は右側を向き、身体は左側に向かっています。

Acrylic on wood ©YISLOW

YISLOWの作品をもとに制作したアートグッズブランド 「SLOWCOASTER」は創業(2009)から、多様なブランドとコラボしています。また、最近ではキャンバス、布、木材、鏡、粘土などYISLOWは材質に問わず、作家が持つ特有の表現で制作しています。

「Run Run!」の展示はYISLOWの作品を通して、YISLOWが表現したい物語に焦点を当てています。



Run Run!, 2021, 45.5X53cm, acrylic on canvas ©YISLOW

YISLOW, an artist who is very popular among young people in Korea, will hold her first solo exhibition in Japan at SH GALLERY in Harajuku, Tokyo from November 26th to December 11th. The works in this exhibition show the precious moments that the artist has spent from the time that keeps flowing.

YISLOW is highly popular as the creator of “Sugar Bear”, the main character of the famous donut dessert cafe “Cafe Knotted” in Korea.
She is also the artist in charge of the art visuals for the fashion brand “SLOWCOASTER” and the mini-album “Dun Dun Dance” of the popular K-POP girl group “OH MY GIRL”, and is attracting a lot of attention.

Why do all the friends in the painting turn to the right and go to the left?
Well, I don’t know. I wonder if there is something there…”
– A Talk with YISLOW

The characters (friends) in YISLOW’s work, “Friends Friends,” look to the right, while their bodies face to the left.
She answers that the reason why the eyes are on the right side is because on the right side are the past and present moments she has passed, while the body is moving to the left side is because there is a future where she remembers the past moments and moves forward.

SLOWCOASTER, an art goods brand based on YISLOW’s works, has been collaborating with various brands since its inception (2009). Recently, YISLOW has been working with canvas, cloth, wood, mirror, clay, etc., regardless of the material, using the artist’s unique style of expression.

In YISLOW’s consideration, we can also see her stance towards her work.
The way she paints, without sketching, following the flow of her hands, naturally expresses the good times she recalls with dear friends, and the way she unconsciously records her work shows that she cherishes the time that has passed as a memory.

The <Run Run!> exhibition focuses on the story that YISLOW wants to express through her works. The works in the exhibition space are set up in such a way that they are looking at each other, and the friend in the works is looking across to the right, making eye contact with the friend in the other work. The audience can walk along the direction of the friend’s line of sight and feel the moment the artist painted and the time that exists within it.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Artist : YISLOW
Organizer : SH GALLERY
Partner : Oah Agency
Photographer: Yang Ian

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3F, 3Chome−20−9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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